Monday, September 21, 2015

University Life

Salutations my beloved internet dwellers! My deepest apologies for my absence yet Uni has taken over my mind, body and soul. This is what I look like all day, everyday:
I feel like exhaustion is just simply part of the college experience (as well as life, honestly) so I'm trying not to sweat it. So to recap what has occurred so far- I did NOT continue with Quidditch. After one practice I realized many things I did not know about myself. For instance, my ability to get injured has NOT gone away with age as I had thought it had. I was the only one to get injured at this practice and it took place only an hour into the practice. Practice, by the way, is three hours long which leads to me something else I learned.  My  need to keep up is VERY strong which was displayed by not sitting out for the rest of the practice even though I could no longer run  which is vital in Quidditch. I quickly hobbled around with a PVC pipe between my legs for the remaining two hours and tried not to anger my team mates too much (failed on epic proportions with that one). I also learned that tackling huge guys is not something I am willing to do in the name of sports and sadly about half of the opposing team consisted of really big guys. SO between the injury, the big guys,  the fact that I wake up too early to stay at school so late and run around for three hours and all my academic responsibilities lead me to my decisions to cease Quidditch.

Other things that have passed include first exams and quizzes and many, many, many cups of coffee. As I stated previously, my life is nothing but school and just a dash of work so nothing tantalizing I'm afraid. I do hope to muster up a post that isn't journal-like yet I wonder if there is something you all would like to see me post? I am totally open to suggestions!

Until next time, dearies

Live long and Prosper <3 

*image retrieved from Weheartit