Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Here we go again!

Salutations! My dear internet dwellers, I have soooo much to tell you! If you had not noticed (which wouldn't be surprising, honestly) that I have been absent for a very long time. This is because I had decided about two years ago that I couldn't continue with this blog because I felt like I wasn't capable of creating entertaining content for you guys. Then suddenly I had this urge to write for you guys again so here we go!

So two years has passed since I've written anything and a lot has happened. I've finished my A.A at the local community college and earned a 4.0 in my last semester there. I was accepted into FSU and into their undergraduate research group and will participate in their Quidditch team (pictures, I promise). I am overjoyed with all the opportunities heading my way and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. Before I took my absence I said I would be posting about things other than just using this blog as a diary and I still plan on doing that. I will be posting studying tips, science related information (I'm a biology major-science is a major part of my life), pictures of activities/things I like and a slew of other things. I will try to keep a schedule for posting so these gaps will not occur. Until then my dears

Live long and prosper <3

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  1. YA ERA HORA!!! ; ) Welcome back My Little One; looking forward to reading your tales. BB2U x 1000