Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Broke My Promise...

Salutations, my dear Internet dwellers! I did indeed break my promise and go way beyond a few weeks between my posts. There is so much to update you guys on!

 Well, to start off with I decided I would completely revamp this blog. I will now use my real name, Dominique, and I want to use this for other posts besides my personal ones. I have far too many interest to keep this as simply a diary of sorts so you will start to see beauty/ make-up ideas and crafts and all sorts of things! I'm simply overjoyed at all the possibilities!

 Now, to go back a bit and explain my absence. I moved away from Miami and back near my dear Mumsi due to the craziness that city always entails for me. I miss it and sometimes wonder if I made the right choice but here I am and I'm making the most of it! So, now that I'm slightly settled down I plan on writing a post every week AT LEAST once a week. It will all depend on my muses :) I leave you now my dears and until next time

Live Long and Prosper <3