Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bucket List Pt.2

Hello my fellow Internet dwellers! I felt this would be a good time to make the second installment of my Bucket List! This week has been super hectic with family visits and studying for exams so I felt this would be something fun, light and somewhat simple. So here we go!

I'm a little kid at heart :)

It would be so amazing to see them! So independent and cute.

I've always wanted to ride them but they somewhat scare me. I HAVE to get over that though.

Okay, most people who know me are surprised by this one. Yes, I AM girly and it would be awesome to see what these talented people create.

Again, I'm a girl and HELLO! Look at the size of that mall!!

Like I said before, I'm a hopeless romantic and THIS would be unforgettable. 

There you go, dearies. I hope to post an ACTUAL post next week after the craziness of exams and studying is over and done with. I hope you enjoyed part two of my list and until next week- Live Long and Prosper