Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bucket List Pt.2

Hello my fellow Internet dwellers! I felt this would be a good time to make the second installment of my Bucket List! This week has been super hectic with family visits and studying for exams so I felt this would be something fun, light and somewhat simple. So here we go!

I'm a little kid at heart :)

It would be so amazing to see them! So independent and cute.

I've always wanted to ride them but they somewhat scare me. I HAVE to get over that though.

Okay, most people who know me are surprised by this one. Yes, I AM girly and it would be awesome to see what these talented people create.

Again, I'm a girl and HELLO! Look at the size of that mall!!

Like I said before, I'm a hopeless romantic and THIS would be unforgettable. 

There you go, dearies. I hope to post an ACTUAL post next week after the craziness of exams and studying is over and done with. I hope you enjoyed part two of my list and until next week- Live Long and Prosper 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Heeeeere's Phoenix

Salutations Internet dwellers! I'm so sorry for my absence but I've been going through a rut of sorts. Betweeen trying to remain focused and upbeat about school, finding a job, and trying to be smart with the friends I make things have been stressful especially on the last thing. It may not be apparent but I'm not big on socialising. I mean, I LOVE people. Some make me angry but on the whole I love talking to people and hearing what they have to say. The problem is, I seem to attract the weirdos and not the quirky lovable ones and it's always a male. Whatever weirdo spray I have on needs to hurry up and fade because I honestly have no time for it. To give an example of these weirdos, this past week I had a guy tell me I have trust issues and I need to be completely open with him. I had known him for two weeks. Perhaps I'm just a bit too closed off but that's a bit too much to expect from a person only after two weeks of knowing them. This is the first time, in my life, where I straight out told a person they needed to leave me alone and just stop talking to me. Since that's happened, about two weeks ago, I've started to notice the type of people I usually surround myself with. It has changed since the beginning of January and now I'm surrounded by the nicest people after that guy was banished. Quirky, lovable and absolutely FABULOUS! If I can quote America's Next Top Model and they understand, they have my seal of approval. I hope to continue to attract these type of people and hopefully I get a little group like the girls from Sex and the City. I've always wanted that :)

Until next time dearies (and I promise it won't be a month or two later!) Live long and prosper