Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Broke My Promise...

Salutations, my dear Internet dwellers! I did indeed break my promise and go way beyond a few weeks between my posts. There is so much to update you guys on!

 Well, to start off with I decided I would completely revamp this blog. I will now use my real name, Dominique, and I want to use this for other posts besides my personal ones. I have far too many interest to keep this as simply a diary of sorts so you will start to see beauty/ make-up ideas and crafts and all sorts of things! I'm simply overjoyed at all the possibilities!

 Now, to go back a bit and explain my absence. I moved away from Miami and back near my dear Mumsi due to the craziness that city always entails for me. I miss it and sometimes wonder if I made the right choice but here I am and I'm making the most of it! So, now that I'm slightly settled down I plan on writing a post every week AT LEAST once a week. It will all depend on my muses :) I leave you now my dears and until next time

Live Long and Prosper <3

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bucket List Pt.2

Hello my fellow Internet dwellers! I felt this would be a good time to make the second installment of my Bucket List! This week has been super hectic with family visits and studying for exams so I felt this would be something fun, light and somewhat simple. So here we go!

I'm a little kid at heart :)

It would be so amazing to see them! So independent and cute.

I've always wanted to ride them but they somewhat scare me. I HAVE to get over that though.

Okay, most people who know me are surprised by this one. Yes, I AM girly and it would be awesome to see what these talented people create.

Again, I'm a girl and HELLO! Look at the size of that mall!!

Like I said before, I'm a hopeless romantic and THIS would be unforgettable. 

There you go, dearies. I hope to post an ACTUAL post next week after the craziness of exams and studying is over and done with. I hope you enjoyed part two of my list and until next week- Live Long and Prosper 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bucket List

Salutations my fellow internet dwellers! I'm very sorry for posting this so late but the internet at my brothers place went wacky. Now, you will learn over the course of this journey that i love making lists. I am constantly making a list: a To Do list, Wish list, things I love list (which you will see later) and this one. This will be the list of things I would like to do before I die. I will use pictures's far more amusing that way. So here are a few things I want to do before I die:
I would be the second one in my family to do so. Plus, that would be one less thing I have to stress about!

I used to want to be a dolphin trainer and work at Seaworld when I was younger. That dream has faded yet I would still love to swim beside these amazing creatures.

I have already traveled quite a bit. I've been to Ecuador, Haiti, Germany, Switzerland, Southern parts of Italy, Greece, and Lichtenstein. I have an itch in my shoes and I doubt it will ever be satisfied.

It looks like so much fun! It's also the only way i'll probably feel like a bird.

I'm a hopeless romantic :)

I've gone on road trips with her but it's always been a max of 4 hours. A LONG road trip is what we need. 

Every girl needs an amazing closet. I'll get one one day.

Ever since I watched Grease as a little girl I've wanted to go.

Seems like something everyone should do. An unforgettable experience.

The memories that will never fade. 

So there is just a glimpse of my bucket list, so far. What about you, my dear Internet dwellers? What is on your bucket list? Until next time dearies!

*All picture were taken from We Heart It 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Someday My Prince Will Come

Salutations! This post is one I've been so excited to write about that I'm not even sure how articulate it will end up being but I will try my best. By the title you should be able to surmise what I want to write about but if not- my dream man. My Prince Charming. My future man must be like the men below.

Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice


Mr. Thornton from BBC North and South

I understand that they are fictional characters and that someone created them, however; they aren't perfect. I do not seek a perfect man, I'm simply searching for a gentleman which, nowadays, is as difficult to find. I am not saying that there aren't any out there but they aren't as prevalent as they were during the twentieth century. I also get questioned why I like THESE men, particularly Darcy. He's written out to be rude and socially unacceptable and that he is- at first glance anyways. I fell in love with him because he stood by his word and followed a moral code. Just like Mr. Thornton, who is very similar to Mr. Darcy except he was a bit rougher around the edges since he was not born into aristocracy. He believed in honesty, hard work and knowledge. Yes, I want a real man to be like two fictional ones but it is not like I'm asking him to be a vampire and fight over me with a werewolf.  They are human beings with qualities any man could have if he wanted to and will have to have to win me over. 

I have high standards, I do. I will not lower them because they are "unattainable" or "too much to ask for" because they aren't. Perhaps it's a bit old-fashioned of me but I am old-fashioned and I will always be that way. I have made awful decisions- settled when I knew it was wrong and did things I am ashamed of, however; it's gotten me here. Because of what I've been through I know what I want and know what I definitely do NOT want. I'm done with Peter Pans and Lost Boys. I'm beyond ready for the Mr.Darcy or Mr. Thornton to come and I know he will, someday. 

Friday, February 22, 2013


Salutations! This post will seem completely different than the last and that's because I am in a different state than when I last wrote and that's because I've had a very large epiphany. I wrote that I didn't know who I was and that's not entirely true. I thought I didn't know but I really do. The problem is that i'm dissatisfied with who I'm turning out to be because it's not who I want to be.To put it into psychological terms, I am having a war with my actual self , my ideal self, and my ought self. The thing is, I'm terrified of being my ideal self. I crave to be something that is not in the norm of this modern society and it scares me. I'm afraid that if I am who I want to be, no one will like me and I will be ostracized for my likes and manner of being. It's also a lot of work! Now, what exactly do I want to be like? A lady

I know that sounds utterly ridiculous because...well...I am a female, after all. Yes, I am a female but I'm very boyish when it comes to many things. In fact, I have always been grouped with the boys because I related to them more than females. I think that's because I tried to emulate the person I always looked up to, my older brother. Now, my brother is a very loud and dirty-mouthed individual. He is crass and unafraid to speak his mind although not eloquently. He's very blunt and his words can cut like a knife. THAT, is what I was turning into. THAT is the exact opposite of what I want to be. What I crave is sophistication. I want to be able to speak my mind without dropping a cuss word every other word. I want...I basically want to be one of those women you can see in old movies. My mother has always called me an Old Soul and I really never grasped that idea until this week. I am an Old Soul. I crave the elegance that one could see back in the upper class citizens of the early 1900's. I've forced myself to be vulgar and not completely enjoy what I like because I wanted to be like everyone else. I tired to be everyone who wasn't me. I wanted to blend so no one would make fun of the way I would talk (which happens because I apparently sound "British"), or think I was being haughty and under the impression that I'm better than everyone else. So, I tried to be like people I noticed others enjoyed being around and who I believed behaved "normally". I have been totally unhappy and lost because of it. So, I have made a vow to myself. I shall no longer worry about what society thinks of my manners and my likes. Why do they care anyways? I shall enjoy my Crooners and Turner Classic Movies. I will strive to keep a clean mouth and speak eloquently. I will became my ideal self, I am determined.

P.S: I feel as though I have given you the impression that I do not like how my brother is. Mind you, I am not the biggest fan of his incessant use of the f-word and how insensitive he can be at times, however; he's my brother and I love him all the same. I just realize that I cannot live a healthy life being someone I am not.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Salutations, fellow Internet dwellers. My name is not really Phoenix, it's far more French sounding, however; I feel like my story and what I aim to achieve is best portrayed by that name. If you can't figure out what I mean, I'm saying I want to start new. I wish to be reborn from the ashes of my past. It's quite cliché but shedding my old life like a snake isn't as majestic sounding. An my old life, it's not as ominous as I think I'm making it sound. I wasn't a criminal or anything crazy like that but things did not go as I would have liked. I'm jumping ahead though. Lets begin as every new blogger does- with a short biography. 

I was born in Miami, Florida and lived there with my mother, siblings and great-grandmother. Then at the angst-ridden age of thirteen, I was plucked from the city and thrown into the country. I lived in this new environment, Wakulla county, for about eight years. I learned to love it there and experienced many of my firsts there. My first love, my first loss, my first heartbreak. But after many mistakes and an anxiety attack, I felt it was time to leave. I packed my things and after many tears and long embraces from my mother, I moved back to my home city to live with my older brother and his family. This is where the rebirth comes in. 

I moved here hoping to start new and reinvent myself but I discovered there was a flaw in my genius plan. I didn't know who I was to begin with. How does one start again when you don't even know who you were to begin with? I am only twenty, I understand that there is no rush to solve this mystery but how do I even begin? That's what I hope to unravel by writing this blog. As it says in the title, this is a quest story. A quest to find out who I am and what I've learned so far. 

I hope you have enjoyed my little introduction and that you come back to my microscopic corner of the Internet to see my quest unfold. Until next time dearies!